"Why don't you step inside and have a look?" she said through the mirror.
As she looked me in the eyes, a warm and fuzzy feeling of love filled me.
I knew this was not a dream, but was it truly real?
"Don't be afraid," she said in a calm soothing voice.
I can hear her thoughts.
She can hear my thoughts.
I step inside.
We become one.

I could feel the warm sand beneath my feet even though the sun was almost set.
The sky was gold and purple, the ocean slowly hugging the shore.
Here I was, alone on the beach with nothing left.
Suddenly I knew.
She was here!
I felt her presence before I even saw her.
There she was, walking towards me.
"Are you ready?"


Review: goo.gl/Q97CvE


released May 26, 2014



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